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World Health Day: On April 7, let's unite for health!

Every year, World Health Day on April 7 offers us a unique opportunity to unite the whole world around a crucial issue: public health. By focusing our efforts on a major problem, we can generate global awareness and inspire concrete action to improve health for all.

More than just an awareness day, it’s a call to action. A time to reaffirm our commitment to health and well-being, and to work together towards a healthier future.


A look at history:

Established in 1948 to commemorate the creation of the WHO, World Health Day has raised awareness of crucial issues such as malnutrition, malaria, HIV/AIDS and mental health. Each year, a different theme is chosen to mobilize governments, health stakeholders, health professionals and the general public around a common goal. This year, WHO is focusing on a crucial theme: “My health, my right”.


The challenge of health equity:

In 2024, the WHO drew attention to the persistent health disparities affecting millions of people worldwide. Factors such as poverty, discrimination, lack of access to education and health services contribute to these inequalities, depriving entire populations of a healthy and productive life.


Nutragroup, a player in health and well-being:

At Nutragroup, we are deeply convinced that nutrition is a fundamental pillar of health and well-being. As a major player in the nutraceutical industry, we are committed to providing quality nutritional solutions to meet everyone’s needs.


Our mission:

  • Accessibility of our ingredients and services: Nutragroup strives to offer solutions at competitive prices to facilitate access for as many people as possible. We offer a wide range of products in a variety of formats and dosages to meet everyone’s needs and budgets.

  • Transparency and traceability: We are committed to total transparency regarding the origin and composition of our raw materials.

  • Public awareness: Nutragroup plays an active role in disseminating reliable information on nutrition and health.

  • Protecting the environment: Nutragroup is committed to eco-responsible initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, whether in terms of our packaging, goodies or waste management.

  • Preventing and optimizing health: Nutragroup offers nutraceutical products based on rigorously selected natural ingredients to prevent disease and optimize health.

Together, we can build a world where nutrition is a factor of inclusion and well-being for all !