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New eco-responsible cardboard

♻️ For this new year 2024, NUTRAGROUP continues to improve its environmental impact, while keeping your satisfaction at heart.
✅ We’re going to focus on logistics with the validation of a new eco-designed packaging, much more practical and resistant.

❓ What role does packaging play in an eco-responsible approach?
It’s a legitimate question, at a time when many people are concerned about the environment.
📦 Nearly 15 tons of cardboard are used every year for our shipments. That’s why we think carefully about the materials we use.

We decided on a new type of packaging:
➡️ Cartons are 100% recycled and recyclable
➡️ 2 times stronger for better shipping quality
➡️ Water-based printing ink
➡️ Our new paper adhesive is recyclable
➡️ Made in the AURA region

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