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Since 2008, we have been distributing a wide range of carefully selected raw materials to players in the healthcare market. We offer premium nutraceutical ingredients from the world’s best producers and adhere to the highest standards.

At Nutragroup, we are committed to providing ingredients of the highest quality, from reliable sources and with full traceability. Our range of raw materials covers a broad spectrum of needs and applications in the nutraceutical industry.

Whether you are a brand of dietary supplements, functional products or health drinks, our team is ready to support you in your development projects.

Our ingredient categories


Explore our selection of the best-selling ingredients used in food supplement formulations.

Plant extracts

Choose from standardized powders, dry or fluid extracts, conventional or from organic farming.

Vitamins - Minerals

Select from Vitamins, minerals and trace elements, available in conventional or organic, synthetic or of natural origin.

Amino Acids

Ultra-pure amino acids and derivatives, oral grade, HCL H2O or anhydrous: BCAA, sulphur amino acids, etc.

Active substances

Antioxidants, fibres, lipids and derivatives, peptides, highly bioavailable active ingredients, additives, etc.

Enzyme - Yeast - Probiotics

Probiotic strains, brewer’s yeast and red yeast rice extract, food enzymes.

Mushrooms - Algae & Marine Products

Asian mushrooms, seaweed and other ingredients of marine origin.

Organic ingredients

Organic ingredients: plants, Asian mushrooms, seaweed, etc.

Let's discuss your nutraceutical project together.

Nutragroup is committed to working with you to offer a wide range of functional, aromatic and nutritional ingredients. Our offer is based on quality sourcing, technically adaptable to dry and liquid formulations and in line with nutraceutical market trends.

Whether you’re developing a new dietary supplement concept or replacing a raw material in response to changes in regulations, our team of experts is on hand to support you and advise you on the success of your project.

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